High CPC AI Proof Blogging Niches Ideas

After there advent of AI, various types of job opportunities are being created, similarly in blogging too, many places related to AI have been filled, on which no one is working.

AI Based Blog

Finance topic if you create a blog you will be saved by AI because new changes keep coming in the stock market and in India only about 7% of the people invest in the stock market.

Finance Based Blog

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That there are many bloggers in blogging industry who have created their over news blog, and they get traffic, what crores of rs every month.

News Blog

Many movies, web series and enemy are released every day If you work on reviews, release date, cast related topics on your blog, then in less time, you can bring good traffic to new blog.

Movies, Web Series

Examine result comes in those blogging niche, which not Only get Crores of traffic from Google search, but can also earn a good amount of money by bringing traffic from Google discover.

Exam and Result

There are many websites in the blogging industry working on government schemes, and they receive millions of traffic every month.

Government Scheme

The best thing about this industry is that good income can be earned from Google ADS and Lakhs can also be earned from sponsorship and referral, although there is some competition on this topic.

Sports and Fantasy

Whose AI can't do anything, in such a situation if you want to do AI proof blogging. So read the blog completely. because there is an offer for you at the end.

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