High CPC AI Proof Blogging Niches Ideas

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High CPC AI Proof Blogging Niches Ideas: This is the time of ai There are many blogging areas which are being replaced by ai in such a situation. If we want to do blogging in future and protect ourselves from ai, Then such a niche is needed. safe from AI here, We are sharing High CPC AI Proof Blogging Niches Ideas. Whose AI can’t do anything, in such a situation if you want to do AI proof blogging. So read the blog completely. because there is an offer for you at the end.

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To take advantage of this offer, you will have to choose a  Niche yourself among these AI proof blogging niches And then choose the offer given this blog. Can get benefit from it? so without any delay, let us know the complete dish here. High CPC AI Proof Blogging Niches IdeasAI Proof Blog IdeasAI proof blogging niches?

AI Proof Blog Ideas

High CPC AI Proof Blogging Niches Ideas

AI Proof Blog Ideas

If you have used ChatGPT and Google bard then you would know that AI tools answer all your questions in just a few seconds. Even googlr has merged its search engine with AI. So that without going to any article, you can get answer to all your questions through your selected snippets.

Due to which people think that blogging is over because google is also supporting AI. But friends today we are going to tell you about such niches. Whose AI cannot do any harm in the future, so let’s start the post.

AI Based Blog

After thr advent of AI, various types of job opportunities are being created, similarly in blogging too, many places related to AI have been filled, on which no one is working. if you create a blog on AI today, you can start earning money from your blog within three to four months.

AI has just started coming into the market and more types of AI tools and software will be launched in the future. If you create a blog in Hindi or English or any other language on which AI related updates are given. So such a blog will rank very quickly and the best thing is that AI is high CPC niche, so even if your blog has less traffic you will still earn well.

Finance Based Blog

Whenever it comes to finance and stock market, everyone says that there is a lot of competition in this industry. But in reality it is not so, I am saying this because new changes keep coming every day in finance, business, stock market and if you work on trending topics then your chances of getting ranked on google will increase significantly.

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Finance topic if you create a blog you will be saved by AI because new changes keep coming in the stock market and in India only about 7% of the people invest in the stock market. And as people become aware and the future of the stock market anyway, the traffic will also increase. So you cant rest assured that you can create a blog owned finance.

Everyday millions of people are interested in stock market. It includes share price targets, chart analysis, trending, investment, fundamental analysis and many such topics whose actual volume is in lacks of crores and finance topics is high CPC niche, so earnings also be good.

News Blog | High CPC AI Proof Blogging Niches Ideas

Don’t be afraid to hear news blog because you and we also know that there are people publishing hundreds of news articles on the Internet, which have more than 100 million traffic every month in such a situation. You first cache will be that who will come to read over blog and description is also justified.

But you don’t know That there are many bloggers in blogging industry who have created their over news blog, and they get traffic, what crores of rs every month. And here is a complete tutorial on Priyanka Digit Tek. If you take your website to discover, then you can get millions of traffic every day. And you know that news keeps coming every day. So you’ll have No death of writing on this topic and AI also can not cause harm.

Movies, Web Series

Movies and web series reviews has been ranked fourth in this list of AI proof blogging Niches. It is not that this industry has lost traffic that the blogging sector’s mentioned above, which are a part of the entertainment industry. So the earning is a little less compared to others but due to high traffic, you can earn quite good money.

Many movies, web series and enemy are released every day If you work on reviews, release date, cast related topics on your blog, then in less time, you can bring good traffic to new blog. And as you know that movies and web series are a trending topic. So here, until AI, no one can harm this area.

Exam and Result

Examination and result is such a topic that leave alone. Ai, Even big website can do no wrong. I am. saying this because as long as there is an education system updates related to exam and result will be keep. coming and you know that by working on a new trending topic, even the newest blog gets ranked immediately.

Examine result comes in those blogging niche, which not Only get Crores of traffic from Google search, but can also earn a good amount of money by bringing traffic from Google discover. However, CPC is slightly lower in this sector, but due to very high traffic. and there is AI proof niche so you can work without any worries.

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Government Scheme

If you want to do blogging, but you do not know how to write, you can still earn lacs every month By creating a blog Sarkari Yojna Niche. Because the format of almost all government schemes is the same and the government keeps bringing new updates related to government schemes every day. So you will have no death of new topics in this field.

There are many websites in the blogging industry working on government schemes, and they receive millions of traffic every month. If. you want to work in this sector, then always focus on new topics only. I have also worked on government schemes, so I have a good knowledge of this industry. If you publish two and three articles on your blog every day, you can see good result within four months.

Sports and Fantasy

If you’re interested in cricket sports fantasy app reviews, then you can create a blog on this topic. Sports is illegal in India, so you can definitely work on this topic and it is a high CPC niche. Fantasy during IPL, a lot of advertisement Or run on the app off during this time Blogger’s working on sports on youtube earn Crores of rupees.

The best thing about this industry is that good income can be earned from Google ADS and Lakhs can also be earned from sponsorship and referral, although there is some competition on this topic. But if you can work on new topics, then you will see good growth. And this industry is also AI safe.

These are AI proof niches from which AI can not do anything today. Tomorrow, or in the future, in such a situation, if you choose any of these topics to create a new blog, then you do not need to be afraid of AI, along with this there is also a special offer for you.

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We hope that this information Given about AI proof blogging niches has given an idea if you want to protect yourself from AI. So what type of topic should you create your blog on Share this post on social media so that more people can get information about AI proof blog ideas.

We hope that this information given about AI proof blogging niches has given you an idea, if you want to protect yourself from AI. So what type of topics should you create your blog on? Share this post on social media so that more people can get information about AI proof blog ideas.

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